Thursday, January 7, 2016

And You Wonder Why?

Muslim gangs in Europe are getting together and “gang raping” women. And the government wants to start classes to teach them that rape isn't acceptable in non-Muslim countries like it is in their own country. You just can't DO that here! Like that's going to stop them. Rape is a “cultural thing” for them, you see. And Obama is not only ALLOWING them in here, but is paying the way for some of them. And he really thinks his “gun laws” will keep them from committing atrocities here!. As their numbers increase here, the rape, murder, beatings, beheadings, etc. are going to increase,. Likewise. As I've said many times, Obama is INSANE. Certifiably, if he thinks crime rates aren't going to go up sharply as more and more of those “Islamic refugees” swarm in. I think increased violence is what he wants. That way, he can make laws he couldn't have made without it. Muslims are already creating chaos in our courts, USING them to make trouble for everybody who so much as LOOKS at them wrong. (Town Hall)

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