Thursday, January 14, 2016

"Religion" of Peace?

Islam still claims to be a “religion of peace.” It is not. And has never been. The number of people they have murdered and even beheaded is numberless. Religions, TRUE religions do not behead people and their practitioners don’t DELIGHT in it. If anybody questions Obama’s sympathy for Muslim atrocities, this should convince all but the most stupid. He continues to insist on sending $BILLIONS of taxpayer dollars to Syria so al-Qaida can use them to behead innocent people. Of course, they say NOBODY is “innocent” (except “believers," of course). And apparently they can get away with ANYTHING they do to “unbelievers,” according to the Koran. The “rise” of Islam is the best reason I can think of to allow all Americans to arm themselves so they can kill a few of these fools before they can kill THEM. (Barracuda Brigade) Sorry. Looks like somebody got to their provider and this page no longer exists, because Muslims didn't like it. But the facts on it were self-evident. which is what Muslims didn't like.

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