Friday, January 29, 2016

He Needs to Be Taught

Ethan Crouch, the kid who used the defense to killing FOUR PEOPLE in a drunken auto accident, that he had been “coddled,” and didn't know any better, was taught, by his parents, that he and his family were “above the law” and only had to “give people money” to get out of almost ANYTHING. His MOTHER had been previously convicted of reckless driving after she intentionally ran another motorist off the road. She paid a small fine and was released. His FATHER sexually abused a female employee and then FIRED her when she complained. Then he punched a CUSTOMER when that customer stopped his employee from using an unsafe saw.  He got a few days in the local pokey, not the FELONY conviction he deserved. There were many other abuses since the eighties, proving they all thought the law could not do anything to them that money couldn't “cure.” This fifteen-year-old kid was a “smart mouth” whenever he was confronted by law enforcement. He (and his parents) need to learn that money doesn't cure all ills, by spending some significant time in prison when they violate the law. The next time this kid (or his parents) break the law, they need to have the book thrown at them, just to teach them a lesson, if nothing else. His mother should go to prison NOW for helping him flee to Mexico to avoid PROBATION for killing FOUR people. There's no telling how many MORE people this kid (or his parents) will kill with their attitude if they aren't disabused of the notion that they're “above the law.” (Mail News)

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