Friday, January 8, 2016

Incompetence In Action

I've talked on many occasions about the incompetence of the politicians who have conned their way into important offices. Offices which they are NOT COMPETENT to hold. Think for a moment: if someone walked into a police station and started shooting everybody in sight, what would be the obvious answer? Disarm the cops and make them defenseless? Or see to it that they have sufficient arms to kill that shooter and save a bunch of lives? So two fools waltz into a concert hall and start shooting everybody in sight in San Bernardino, CA. So what is the answer to that? Disarm every citizen and make him/her completely defenseless? Not a bit of it. But that's what many politicians (most of them liberal Democrats) want to do. Disarm the populace as a means of self defense.

It is policies like these that make me say many politicians are INCOMPETENT. We need to make this an ARMED SOCIETY. As Robert Heinlein said, “An armed society is a polite society.” Normal human beings aren't going to “shoot it out” over trifles, as the anti-gun fools say we will. Gang members and other criminals already do that with their ILLEGAL guns. And there seems to be no way to keep them from getting them. So we have to make sure that when they attack somebody with their ILLEGAL guns, there are LEGAL guns there to oppose them. That's what COMPETENT people do. When that happened in San Bernardino, what did Obama do? He tried to disarm more people as a means of helping them defend themselves. That's the kind of incompetence I'm talking about. And there are many more illustrations of governmental incompetence, but I don't have room to list them all here. (ACRU)

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