Friday, January 8, 2016

Big, Big Surprise!

Raising the minimum wage does NOTHING to reduce poverty! I'm not one who says, “I told ya so,: but, “I told ya so!” Who am I kidding, I AM one to say, “I told ya so” when liberals predictably do stupid things and it backfires on them, because I predicted it. Of course, they never acknowledge it, because they aren't intelligent enough. They're liberals, after all. Today, “liberal” is another word for “stupid.” A major factor in that is the fact that most people in poverty don't work. They're satisfied to be on welfare of one kind or another, barely supported by the government, without the necessity of actually DOING anything. People older than 19 working for minimum wage made terrible decisions in their life, or they wouldn't be working that cheap. You don't pay people more than they're worth. THAT would be stupid. And nobody but liberals are that stupid.

That brings up the second factor: raising the minimum wage creates UNEMPLOYMENT. When the law forces you to pay more than you can afford to pay, to people not worth more money, you make the common sense decision to work with FEWER employees, and ask those left to work harder. And they do, or they end up on the “fired” list along with the others. That's not being nasty, That's only common sense and good economics. When somebody brings up economic theory to me, my eyes “glaze over.” But this is EVIDENT. Some people say “just give them money,” which is just as bad, because that discourages learning how to EARN more money. People get MINIMUM wage because they're just ENTERING the work force, in a perfect world. But this is NOT a perfect world. It has liberals in it, and they worm their way into positions where they can IMPOSE their fool ideas on the rest of us. (Town Hall)

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