Monday, January 11, 2016

And You Wonder Why?

Why we're wary of the hundreds of thousands of “refugees” Obama wants to allow to come here? Even those whose way he PAYS with OUR money? He's importing death and destruction for innocent, non-combatants, IN America. And he's either too stupid to know it, or that's exactly what he wants. The number of sexual assaults and other attacks by Muslim “refugees,” just on New Year's Eve in Germany alone, now numbers 500! And they were ALL committed by “Muslim refugees!” will Obama take notice of that and END his importation of death and destruction for Americans? Probably not. I think it's working exactly how he wants it. The more Muslim terrorists kill people in American the more he has an excuse to DISARM Americans, “for their protection, dont'cha know” This is the moist dastardly president we've ever had, and we need to “broom him” out of there before he single-handedly ENDS us. (Town Hall)

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