Saturday, January 30, 2016

N. Korea Kidnaps Student

They must be getting ready to screw us out of something. That's how dictators do it these days, with that “limp-writsted fool” running this country. He signaled them last week that if they want something, just KIDNAP- an American who is foolish enough to be a “tourist” in your country or even LIVE there, and let Obama “negotiate” for their release after you've held them for a long time and tortured them. Soon, Obama will be falling all over himself releasing all kinds of prisoners, no matter how dastardly and dangerous their crimes. NO matter how many people they've murdered. He'll let them go, like he did for that DESERTER for whom he released FIVE murderous terrorists to go back home and kill more people. Iran tried it with those sailors who strayed into their territory, but the timing was wrong. If they'd have insisted on a “quid-pro-quo” for their release, it could have delayed their receipt of the BILLIONS of dollars Obama was about to give back to them. (Twitchy)

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