Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The "New Racism"

Obama said that if we elected him, “We would forever end racism in America.” Instead, he just changed it's focus. Racism in America is worse than ever since we elected a half-white, half-black president who PREFERS to be black, He attributes EVERY criticism against his policies to racism while his cronies follow suit. Along with that, they promote the whole IDEA of white racism against blacks, which, until Obama, was almost gone. It was now no longer “enshrined” in law, as before..Now, with blacks finding white against black racism under every rock, racism is now one of the hottest issues. But the REAL racism today is BLACK against WHITE racism. They've turned the entire racism issue on its head. Today, the biggest racism in this country is black against WHITE racism. And they not only want to disrespect us, they want to KILL us. Especially If we wear blue and have badges on our shirts.(Human Events)

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