Saturday, January 23, 2016

Making Legal Guns Useless

Liberal politicians and other gun grabbers can't just BAN guns altogether in this country, like they did in Australia. So they make rules making the guns in your possession USELESS. The Founders didn't prohibit that in the Constitution. They didn't foresee the gyrations some politicians would go to, in order to “get around” the Constitution. FOUR cities in New York State (where else?) Have now required ALL guns in your home be “locked up and disabled,” so when a criminal; crazy, or Islamic terrorist comes there to rob or KILL you, it'll take more time than you will have to get it into action, making it USELESS. “Gun locks” have worked to do that for some time, all over the country. ALL such laws should be ignored, so your guns are instantly ready to use to defend you from the attacks if the “bad guys,” who HAVE no such restrictions on their ILLEGAL guns. If you do, remember that the cops may charge YOU with a crime for not following their orders. But ya gotta do what ya gotta do to protect yourself. (Guns 'N' Freedom)

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