Friday, January 1, 2016

It's Not Religion, It's Attitude

Every time anybody says ANYTHING against Muslims, they scream “religious intolerance!” which is the reason why they “established: their “religion” in the first place—so they could STIFLE any criticism or TRUE reporting ot their strange ideas and practices. Our opposition to them is NOT about “religion.” It's about their ATTITUDE. They need an “attitude adjustment.” They come here to escape persecution, then try and persecute US! They hate pigs. So they want us to hate them, too. They're the most “religiously intolerant” people on the planet (that I know of). They don't like Christianity, so they want to KILL Christians for BEING Christians, The ones who don't particularly want to kill us, just STIFF us, for the most part.

They're so afraid somebody might want to take their women away from them that they insist that they go around wearing what can best be described as a TENT. The most minimal part of that is a head scarf so tied as to keep them from showing a single HAIR or their NECK. And they don't allow their women to go out without being accompanied by a male member of her family, natural, or by marriage. And they KILL their own daughters if they're seen talking to the wrong man. They NEVER “assimilate.” They insist WE change to suit THEM. They're a constant source of TROUBLE, they're always suing over some imagined slight. And when they breed (like rabbits) and emigrate enough Muslims to make a difference by VOTING, we're in BIG TROUBLE. They have openly TOLD us that's what they plan. And they're coming in a hundred thousand at a time, with Obama's help, physically, and financially. (Just common sense)

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