Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Trump to Reverse Actions

He says he will immediately REVERSE every one of Obama's “administrative actions,” especially the ones inimical to gun owners, as soon as he takes office as president. Gun rights people have SHOWN themselves to be as much in the majority as it takes to stall Obama's every action against gun ownership for American citizens, so why the hell WOULDN'T they elect Trump president? Jeb Bush recently CANCELLED an appearance at a gun show, claiming “problems getting there.” But we all know the reason: he is AFRAID to be “pro-gun,” as are most politicians.

He MIGHT “become” pro-gun” after being elected, but not before. He doesn't have the
gonads. Trump says, “You know Obama's going to make “Executive Orders” AGAINST the Second Amendment (which is unconstitutional, but what does Obama care about that?). And when Trump takes office, they will be reversed. Unfortunately, the guns Ofumble “confiscates” (steals) will be gone. He will have “disappeared them.” Texas told him to “come and get our guns,” which will not be an easy task, Other states too, have indicated their willingness to go against him. (Fox40)

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