Friday, January 29, 2016

Shot Him In the Back

Lavoy Finchum (Oregon “occupier”) was shot in the back while reaching in his pocket, the cops say for a gun (he might have been reaching for his driver's license). They could have waited until they saw the gun before firing, but one cop (who0 couldn't see him reaching for his pocket) who was standing BEHIND him, shot him in the back. He was NOT standing with his hands up, as one “occupier” insisted Which proves how witnesses (or sometimes participants) LIE about the actions of the cops in such situations. I don't think they needed to shoot him in the back at that time. They should have waited until they SAW a gun. But the idea that he was “surrendering,” with his hands up, is amply proven to be a LIE. Some say they acted differently here than they did when the liberal “”occupiers” took over in several places, including Denver, where I was able to watch them from about a block away. The difference was these (Oregon) “occupiers” were ARMED, and had PROMISED to die rather than go to jail. The cops may have been a little “quick to shoot,” but he was NOT “surrendering when shot. I'll wait for better evidence before making a final decision. (Bearing Arms)

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