Thursday, January 24, 2013

Communist Party Approves

They have “echoed” Obama’s call for more gun control legislation. They think their gun control policies work best. Of course, it always kept guns out of the hands of “criminals” in communist Russia, didn’t they? We always need the “approval” of the representatives (in this country) of that FAILED system that RAPED Russia for so many years, don’t we? Damn, are people STUPID to take this outfit seriously! You know, the one that has caused so much misery in this world during their existence. The only reason they are considered worse than the Nazis is that we CONQUERED the Nazis. We haven’t been SMART enough to conquer communism. Oh, boy! There I go again, using “forgotten words like Nazi and communist. Many people’s eyes will “glaze over” when they hear it. Sheesh! (The Examiner)

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Anonymous said...

I grew up knowing about nazis and communists. You have said a while back, I believe, that you are in your early 70s?? That being the case if you are then I therefore know you grew up knowing about them, too. Today's libtards do not even understand the terms much less their relationship to "progressiveism". We are doomed.