Thursday, January 17, 2013

"I've Cut spending By $1.24 Trillion"

That’s what Obama says he has done, but that’s a HUGE LIE. The biggest LIE going! Typically, he’s LYING about what he has done, and WILL do. I don’t know if he actually thinks we’ll believe his lies, or just doesn’t CARE and simply wants it on the record he CLAIMS to have reduced spending. The fact that there isn’t an iota of evidence to support this claim doesn’t matter to him. If people “call him” on that lie, he will just call them names, ridicule them, talk about how “reprehensible it is” to question him and go right on as if nobody said anything. That’s his “modus operandi.” I think he feels like his "people" are ALL ignorant through not paying attention to what he does until just before an election, and for the most part, he's right. The proof of that is his re-election, despite his MISERABLE record. the sooner we get rid of this FOOL, the better off we'll be. I've seen some presidents in whom I didn't have much faith, but he is the WORST I've ever seen. (Just common sense)

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