Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Sanders Wins Again!

The "Fake News Media" put out a phony story about Mueller subpoenaing a German bank to get records of Trump transactions. One little problem. It wasn't true, which they could have found out if they'd have done simple fact checking. Sarah Sanders set them straight--again. But they don't do that with stories they hope will be bad for Trump. so they all had to retract their stories, and the one I most enjoyed was Joy Behar having to retract, on the air, the story that she gleefully reported the day before. This whole thing serves to illustrate the fact that you just can't trust the liberal media to tell you the truth. If they think they've found a story bad for Trump, they RUSH to get it out without fact checking it, and end up with rotten egg on their faces. As long as liberals run those "news sources," that's what we're going to get. To get the truth, watch Fox News. (Fear and Blood)

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