Monday, February 12, 2018

On Sexual Harassment

For a long time, women hesitated to report sexual harassment because they feared what would come. Men seemed to hold all the power over them. And then things changed after liberals got in the picture. Now all that is necessary is the ACCUSATION, to ruin a man. No proof is needed, and the name of the accuser is "protected." that means the accused cannot even confront his accuser, nor even know who she is. The accusation is taken as "gospel" and the man is ruined for life. He will forever be known as a sexual harasser, even though there is NO PROOF he is guilty. It is assumed. This is not to say that no accuser is telling the truth, but better standards of PROOF are needed.

I have personal experience with this, and I've never sexually harassed a woman in my life. Back when I drove cars around for Avis, I was accused of sexual misconduct by TWO women--at the same time--imagine that. Out of the blue. Never before or after. They would not tell me who they were OR allow me to confront them. Nothing ever came of it because their descriptions of the harassment was so outlandish. Like one sayng I was secretly masturbating through my pants while sitting beside her on the way back from a run. There wasn't a single woman in that group that would excite me to that extent. In fact, no woman, ANYWHERE would do so. It was obvious (to me, anyway) that the two women were colluding in their accusations, but I couldn't even know who they were.

I don't know what motive they had, but it doesn't matter. We'll never know, since nothing ever came of their accusations. I do know of two women there that it might have been. One thinks every man she meets wants to get into her pants. And there is room for two men in there. The other has a thinly disguised hatred for ALL men and one may have set it up with the other. The point is, there needs to be much higher standards of proof. SOME corroborating evidence should be required before an accusation can be made, and the man should be allowed to sue for damages if accused without any real proof. He should be allowed to at least question them. The "pendulum" has swung way too far in the wrong direction, and it must be pulled back. Oh; I was 76 or 77 years old when they accused me, and my sexual requirements were a bit diminished at the time, which makes their accusations all the more fishy. (Just common sense)

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