Monday, February 5, 2018

Getting Tired Of It

All the BS coming out of DC is becoming tiresome. Even Fox News is falling for the BS that Rex Tillerson is going to resign after about three months in his job. They're even picking possible replacements, both for Tillerson and for the person selected to replace him. If he is considering resigning, it is not because of anything Trump has done or said. It will be because he has become as tired as I am of the DC cesspool of slime. He will have literally been "run out" by the Trump haters. Then there's the Obama appointee to an agency that created a "slush fund" for politicians who thought she could appoint her own successor, who actually had the gall to SUE to keep the president from replacing her. And every day, several times a day, comes yet another accusation of sexual misconduct on the part of a previously trusted and sometimes revered "icon." I'm waiting for the Pope, or Jesus Christ, himself, to be accused of sexual misconduct--and of liberals accepting it, with NO PROOF, as they always do. Unless it is one of their number, and then they talk about "due process" for them, while denying it to conservatives and Republicans. I then look back on such scandals as the "congressional banking scandal," where a member of Congress could walk into a certain bank where he had no account, and write checks for big money, and they would be cashed. And who foots the bill? You do. And I do. And all the rest of the taxpayers in this country. Politicians spend all our tax money, and then demand more. Why do we put up with it? I'm sick of it! (Just common sense)

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