Friday, February 9, 2018

Obama Is A Saboteur

Barack Obama is a saboteur. He was sent there to screw up this government in every way he could, and he succeeded beyond his wildest dreams. He spent more of our money than ALL former presidents, put together. All without a peep out of the same Dumocrats who are "so worried" that Trump will spend too much money on his wall. Obama raised the National Debt to amazing levels. He REFUSED to accept the unmistakable FACT that the Islamic terrorists are a major danger, and worked to make ANY criticism of Muslims something to be punished. If not by fining or imprisonment, or by the "PC Police," as they proscribed the very WORDS we must use to criticize them. Unless he's a complete dim bulb, he has to know global warming/climate change is a CON that has made millions for AlGore, but he took it seriously, and still does, after spending millions on things to "fight global warming/climate change."

It also allowed him to impose MANY "regulations" to make it harder on energy and climate companies. He was BORN to communist parents, raised by communists, and mentored by communists, most of his formative years. He HAS TO believe in communism. Alongside that, there is a question about whether or not he was born in Kenya, but he CERTAINLY spent most of his formative years attending Muslim schools and being brainwashed that Islam is the ONLY God. He revealed himself when he said, "The most beautiful sound in the world is the Muslim call to prayer." He almost succeeded in imposing socialism on this country, and Hillary was supposed to "continue his work," but Trump put the end to that, which is why liberals hate him with such a passion. (Just common sense)

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