Thursday, February 1, 2018

Can't Pass A Bill

Everybody's pointing at Trump, since the Congress hasn't passed a single bill into law (according to Dumocrats). But a simple look at the FACTS reveals that it is ALL the Dumocrats PLUS a small number of Republicans (RINOS) that are holding things up in the Senate. The House has passed HUNDREDS of bills and sent them to the Senate, where they still reside, unpassed, and unvoted, up or down. That's not Trump's fault, it is the fault of the complete OBSTRUCTION of the Dumocrat Party, with a little (critical) help from (RINO) Republicans. They can blame Trump all they want, but it is the OBSTRUCTION that is responsible for the non-passage of bills into law. It's typical Dumocrat: block any action, then blame Trump for it. This is a "do-nothing Congress," but the responsibility is all on the Senate Dumocrats, with help from traitor Republicans. Dumocrats think they can fool the public forever, and they may be right. At least those who pay no attention to politics until just before an election, when the lies are flying, And then they vote, in their ignorance, believing all the bulldung put out by the Dumocrats and other liberals. (Just common sense)

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