Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Total Ignorance On Guns

This columnist is totally ignorant on guns. He blames the NRA for people being killed by guns when it is the LAWBREAKERS who do the killing. Very few legal gun owners kill people who do not need killing because they are using their ILLEGAL guns to threaten them. The NRA simply stands up for the RIGHTS recognized and GUARANTEED by the Second Amendment of the Constitution for American citizens to be armed, so they can defend themselves from such people. He tells of ONE crazy killer who was a bad conduct discharge from the Air Force, who shouldn't have been allowed to buy a gun, but who DID, because the Air Force screwed up in not sending his name to NICS, thereby allowing him to successfully LIE in order to buy the guns he used to kill 26 people in that church. How that makes the NRA responsible is beyond my understanding. What IS responsible is the incompetence of those Air Force paper-pushers who screwed up. When they say somebody is responsible for people dying because they stand up for a constitutional RIGHT shows complete IGNORANCE of how things work. The responsible people are people who think this way, and would NOT deprive law-abiding people of the right to self defense, and to buy and use a gun, the TOOL for that defense. (Citizen-Times)

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