Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Another Democrat Scam

Static "scoring." Under "static scoring," you assume that new taxes, up or down, will NOT affect what people do, which is not what happens in tax law. When you raise taxes, people go out of their way to AVOID paying the tax. Lower them and they just pay them without a whimper. That's how they figure that Trump's new tax law will ADD to the national debt, when it will NOT. There was nary a peep out o the Dumocrats when Obama was spending more money than there IS. Now they're "concerned" that the new tax bill will add to the national debt, when it will NOT. When Reagan lowered the basic tax rate significantly, soon the government almost DOUBLED the "tax take" because of the booming economy that caused. This has happened EVERY TIME we have LOWERED taxes. The Dumocrats know this, but they REFUSE to accept the truth. They want to OPPOSE everything Trump does, due to their IRRATIONAL hatred of him. The new tax bill passed the Senate 51 to 49. That's ALL Republican. Not a SINGLE Dumocrat voted for it. So they lyingly claim that "nobody has ever taken seriously a law passed by only one party." That this is a lie is proven by MANY laws that have been passed on strict party lines. Obamacare comes to mind. When you take into account people's reaction to a new tax law, that's called "dynamic scoring." And that is a "law of nature." The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) ONLY does STATIC scoring. (CNBC)

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