Tuesday, February 6, 2018

"Due Process for Me"

But not for thee! That's what the Dumocrats are telling us. Judge Roy Moore lost the election for senator because of a sexual misconduct accusation. ACCUSATION! That's all it is. Somebody came out and SAID he was guilty. In a court of law, that is NOT sufficient to convict. The accused has the right to confront his accuser, and there MUST be more than the UNSUPPORTED WORD of one person to prove the case and convict the accused. None of this is present in Moore's case. Yet ALL Dumocrats, and even some Republicans insisted he "step down" and threatened to remove him from Congress (in violation of the law) if he did get elected, all based on merely a ACCUSATION! Yet with Dumocrats Al Franken and Rep, Conyers, they insist on "due process" and otherwise do nothing. Oh yes-- they say an "ethics investigation" needs to be done. The ethics committee has YET to find against ANY member of Congress they have ever "investigated." That committee is where ethics questions go to DIE. That's how Dumocrats always handle their scandals, as a last resort, if nothing else works. Both Franken and Conyers have resigned or "retired" because they saw the "handwriting on the wall." (Just common sense)

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