Thursday, February 8, 2018

Hanged On Site

Some wag asked an interesting question: "What if the guy who was a five-time felon who had entered this country illegally seven times and killed Kate Steinle in San Francisco had been an NRA member? He'd have been strung up on site without a trial by a bunch of "concerned Dumocrats!" As it is, a jury of mostly liberals, with a liberal judge, in a liberal court, in a city that "coddles" criminals if they're illegal aliens, found the murderer NOT GUILTY of any kind of a crime in her death. All they convicted him of was possession of a gun by a felon, a "liberal crime," which they later dismissed. And, with "time served," he is already out on the street, to kill again, since he got away with it this time. Sanctuary Cities (which San Francisco has declared itself) are violating the law and getting people killed, by people who have no business even BEING here. They try and tell the president that he cannot cut off their federal funds because of that, and they're WRONG--unless it comes before a liberal judge. (Keep and Bear)

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