Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Criminals Have No Honor

The shooter in Tehama, California was a felon, and not allowed to own or use a gun. That's the law--which he ignored when he violated the "honor system" they use when people buy guns. They expect people who are buying them for nefarious purposes who already have a record to be "honest" with them, KNOWING that, to be honest, will stop them from buying the gun. As with ALL anti-gun laws, this one DEPENDS on LAWBREAKERS to obey it--which they will NOT. So this felon LIED on his application and bought his guns, then went out and started killing people, beginning with his wife, at home, and including some CHILDREN among his victims before "good guys with guns" shot him to death (with a little help from him). The basic flaw in ALL anti-gun laws is that they DEPEND on a LAWBREAKER to OBEY them--which they will not. And "honor systems" are even worse. You just can't expect CRIMINALS to have honor, so why bother? (LA Times)

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