Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Creating What They Fear

After the THIRD cop killing in Colorado in 36 days, I have to think: are the "Black Lives Matter" fools CREATING the very thing they claim to fear? Cops who are "trigger happy" and much more quick to shoot than they should be? They weren't that way before malcontents and fools began setting traps for them as they went about their usual duties so that they have to be afraid of dying as they investigate a domestic violence call? That's what happened in Thornton, Colorado, as a bunch of cops went on a "noise complaint" call, probably called in by the killer to lure cops there so he could shoot and kill as many as he could. In the south Denver area, the call was equally innocuous, as was the call in Colorado Springs, 60 miles south of Denver. That one was to arrest a car thief. The killers in Thornton, and the one in Colorado Springs also were killed, which is a good thing. The one in south Denver was not. We will end up spending millions of dollars to convict him, and more money to keep him alive in prison. The "upswing" in cop deaths recently can be laid right at the feet of the big mouths in "Black Lives Matter" as they, and their fool supporters go around chanting, "What do we want? Dead cops! When do we want it? NOW!" Why those doing such chanting, or leading it haven't been arrested and imprisoned for fomenting violence on cops, I don't know. They would certainly arrest me for "terroristic threats" if I encouraged such a thing. Somehow fools like that seem to always escape punishment these days. (Just common sense)

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