Monday, February 12, 2018

"Bring Your Gun to Church"

There's a big argument going on right now about people beinging their guns with them into a "house of worship." That's because a church is supposed to be a place of peace. Unfortunately, as usual, that means nothing to those who would not only bring their guns there DESPITE the "rules," and then kill as many people as possible--IF there is nobody there with their own gun and the will to use it to protect themselves, and others. Yes. you shouldn't find it necessary to bring a gun to church, but in today's society, with fools coming into churches and killing innocent people, since most churches are "gun-free zones" and mass shooters can be pretty sure law-abiding people will NOT be armed, and able to defend themselves, and others. But REALITY says bringing a gun to church with you is only common sense. Law-abiding people bringing their guns insures "peace" when some fool comes in and starts shooting. If a mass shooter does not appear, nobody will even notice. If a mass shooter appears, that law-abiding person can KILL that shooter before he can kill a bunch of people. And that is what needs to be done, in church, or anywhere else. Law-abiding people will NOT "go wild" and shoot up places if they're allowed to carry a gun. But they CAN "make the difference" when some fool comes in to shoot innocent people. (Just common sense)

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