Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Kroger to MOMS: "Stick It"

“Moms against Guns (or something like that) has been pressuring Kroger Stores to ban guns in their stores so “bad guys” can come into their stores and shoot people without worrying overmuch about there being anybody there with a gun to oppose them, since law-abiding people DO obey such rules, though “bad guys” do not. Kroger, unlike Target Stores and Wal-Mart, is run by intelligent people and told them to “stick it.” That “We obey local laws.” Which means, of course, if a “bad guy” comes in to shoot up the store, he just might run into a gun in the hands of someone who might “put a couple in his head” before he can kill many people. It's time more people like that tell people like “MOMS” to “go to hell” with their stupid pressure, making their stores safer, unlike Panera Bread did, allowing a “bad guy” who ignored their “no-gun policy” to kill two cops who came to investigate a “suspicious person” report. (Guns)

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