Sunday, September 11, 2016

Enforce Current Laws

Obama and his accomplices are constantly working to make new anti-gun laws. But my question is, why don't they enforce the ones already on the books? Laws against criminals being in possession of guns are already on the books. They can mean an extra ten years, ABOVE the sentence for the other crimes of which they are accused. But they are ROUTINELY “waived” in return for “confessions” to other, lesser crimes. And then, Obama has the perpetrators RELEASED after serving only 40% of their sentences, saying they are “non-violent offenders.” In the case of Richard Reid, a “two-time loser” who was in possession of TWO guns when arrested for selling drugs, maybe he IS a “non-violent offender.” But why did he HAVE those guns while he sold his drugs? Maybe he just hasn't been caught in a violent crime yet. Or maybe he “has people” for that, who weren't caught. (Daily Caller)

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