Monday, September 12, 2016

They're Really Scared

Comedienne Sarah Silverman, when asked about Hillary's health, said, “Anybody who questions HIllary's health is a 'f—king a—hole.” Boy, that's a really strong response to a simple question showing concern about the health of a presidential candidate. I guess I'm an a—hole, too. I'm concerned that we may elect a woman who is on the brink of a serious illness president, and we will get, instead of her (bad as that would be) somebody we don't even know much about in her place, if she is elected. They're already planning to circumvent the process if something happens to her to get around the constitutionally-prescribed succession. And they're afraid it she is “out of it” BEFORE the election, Trump will be elected (Something for which I fervently hope, in any case, and makes them pee their pants). If she IS seriously ill, that's a major problem and SHOULD be investigated, thoroughly, not covered up, and those who question it should not be insulted by pig-headed liberal comediennes who know NOTHING.. (Daily Caller)

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