Friday, September 9, 2016

Creating A Lie

You'll find very few black people who don't believe that cops are unduly willing to kill black men, even if they're unarmed. They give us the same examples, over and over, but those examples seem to be of the same situation. They “cherry pick” them to prove their point. The real fact is, cops killing black men who are unarmed are a very small number, compared to those who were shot while trying to KILL that cop. But they ignore those situations, or intimate the black man was unarmed, when  he was NOT.  And they repeat the same situations, over and over in their propaganda, to prove their point. They don't tell you about all the thugs, black and white, who use their ILLEGALLY-gotten guns to try and kill cops. That isn't important, to them. The only ones that ARE important to them are the very few where a “bad apple” cop DOES kill without reason. And there are a few of those, as there will always be, in every barrel. But the fact remains, it isn't NEAR the problem they make it out to be, and they're CREATING the very problem they claim to be fighting. Cops, knowing they have “targets on their backs,” are today very nervous as they run around in their distinctively marked cars with their easily recognizable uniforms, just waiting for some thug to decide to kill them. That they just MIGHT “shoot first and ask questions later” if there are any left alive, would not be unexpected. (Daily Caller)

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