Thursday, September 1, 2016

Covering Up Mass Murder

I once thought the murders committed by Planned Parenthood were an anomaly. I thought our government would “rise up” in “righteous anger” about the murders. And they did. But not about the murders, about the people telling us about them. They're “righteously angry” about the people who are revealing the murders. In California, they're even in the process of making just TELLING about them a violation of the law!. That, in spite of the First Amendment to the Constitution. That tells me a lot about this government, under Barack Hussein Obama. He's IN FAVOR of those murders! And so is Hillary! She has even SAID so! In public! And she's still taken seriously as a presidential candidate by a large segment of the population! Tthat makes them BOTH criminals.

I never thought I'd see the day when politicians would OPENLY support the MURDER of millions of BABIES! And get away with it! But that's what we now have: CRIMINALS, masquerading as politicians, and running things to suit themselves, regardless of the Constitution. Worse yet, one of the ringleaders is a BLACK MAN! (At least, he CHOOSES to be a black man) Notwithstanding that Planned Parenthood was STARTED by a racist, for the stated purpose of killing as many BLACK babies as possible! And that hasn't changed in the years since. Their very CLINICS are set up right in the middle of areas where black people live, to make it more convenient for them to come in and be an accomplice in the MURDER of their children. Of course, they'll call me a racist for pointing this out. That's all they've got: name-calling. (World Net Daily)

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