Sunday, September 4, 2016

Why Cops Kill Blacks

That's one of the questions being asked by black promoters of “concealed carry for blacks.” The answer is simple. With few exceptions, it's because so many blacks try to kill cops. And they kill each other in outlandish numbers, while cops try to stop it. When a cop comes on an armed black man brandishing a gun in his direction, his only option is to shoot him before he can be shot by that black man. One of the things “Black Lives Matter” fools ignore is the number of WHITE criminals that are killed by white AND black cops, as well. And for the same reasons. The black man who was recently killed during a traffic stop, for example, WAS armed, and brandished his weapon at the cops. That's one way to commit suicide, and he did it. They “cherry pick” stats about BLACK men being killed by cops, but IGNORE the WHITE men similarly killed, and the fact that the black man was usually trying to kill the cop at the time.. The same is true when they complain about so many blacks being in prison. As if there was not a good reason for them being there. They were committing a crime, were arrested, tried, and convicted of that crime, for which they were then sent to prison. They say the justice system is rigged to put black men in prison, but that is stupid. It's not rigged. There are numerous black judges and prosecutors, who would not stand for that. This article is surprisingly even-handed. But they are wrong in several places, which you can decide for yourself. (Ebony)

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