Friday, September 2, 2016

Hillary Is STUPID!

It's a well known thing that Hillary is really stupid when it comes to economics. But she DEMONSTRATES her complete economic stupidity when she says, “Corporations and other private businesses don't create jobs.” Does she seriously think GOVERNMENT creates jobs? That demonstrates a DEEP stupidity about economics! Government cannot exist, except for the tax money they collect from workers, who are hired BY private corporations and other businesses. The idea that government creates jobs is ludicrous! The best government can do is “get out of the way,” and create the ATMOSPHERE where private enterprise CAN create more jobs, Mostly, they just get in the way with their ignorant policies and regulations. And she says, what they call “trickle down economics,” but which intelligent people call “the free market” has failed badly. It has NOT. It is the diluted form of it liberals have enforced in recent years that has failed miserably, and it has been BLAMED on the free market. (Constitution)

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