Sunday, September 25, 2016

Scott's Family Lying!

The family of the man shot to death by police in Charlotte, NC, say he “never owned a gun.” Then how did he get arrested several times in the past with a gun in his possession? “…documents from Bexar County, Texas, reveal that Scott was actually an ex-con. He had been convicted of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon in July 2005 and sentenced to seven years in prison.” At the same time, he was charged with the unlawful possession of a gun. And the gun found after he was shot contained his fingerprints, all over it. So it's pretty clear it was his gun. Not only that, he had an ankle holster to use in carrying it. Yes, the video is not conclusive about him holding a gun and threatening the cops with it. But it's pretty clear that he DID have it, and HAD held it—and was a known shooter. After all, he did spend 7 years in the clink for a gun charge. (Patriot Update)

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