Friday, September 23, 2016

I'm Baaacckk!

Did you think I wasn't coming back? I would have almost agreed. We had a helluva time getting our Internet set up in the new place. And it took forever to find some of my important stuff, and we aren't finished looking, yet. I finally did get my office set up—kinda--after a couple of days typing on the computer sitting on a dresser, which almost ruined my back. But I think the worst of it is over, now. Although there are still a few problems, like my almost complete inability to roll my chair back and forth on this rug, which is the only one in the whole house. Anyway, I'm back in business—I think. A lot has been happening while we were out, including two cop shootings, one of which might even be real. The other one the usual bunch of crap where they call it a racist killing when the shooter was black, too. Add to that a mess of outside agitators—did you know 70% of protesters arrested in Charlotte were from “out of town?” Having rushed there to make as much trouble as they could, just like in Ferguson, MO. We'll be writing more about that, later, as the real FACTS come out, as they usually do after we sift out all the LIES. (Just common sense)

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