Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Savage Censored

The second most listened-to political commentator in the nation with 20 million listeners on 400 stations has been silenced as he began to discuss Hillary's health issues. If that doesn't demonstrate the power Hillary has in the liberal media, nothingewlse will. If Savage, second only to Rush Limbaugh in number of listeners, can be so silenced, and so blatantly, can Rush be next? Somebody up there who has a lot of power in the broadcast industry, has more power than he should have, if he can “shut down” a commentator such as Savage to keep him from discussing Hillary's health problems, in public. They're really getting desperate, folks! Desperate enough they don't care if we realize they're covering up for Hillary. They've just exposed themselves. They made sure Hillary would get the Democrat nomination, no matter how many elections Bernie won, by “changing the rules” to make sure she got the most delegates, win or lose. But that was “behind the scenes.” This is “right out front,” and easy for us to see. And they're now spreading the rumor Hillary won the presidential debate, even though she was on the defensive throughout. And her snarky grin was offensive. (Blabber Buzz)

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