Saturday, September 24, 2016

Looting the Rich

That's what Hillary wants to do. Ripping off the heirs of the ultra rich by passing a 65% “inheritance tax” on the richest of them all. This is still showing her in the “time warp” where liberals think ALL the rich got their riches by cheating the poor. How you take from people who have nothing is a mystery to me. The idea that they mostly got rich by having ideas and coming up with products millions of people wanted to buy seems to escape them. She thinks still, since that's how SHE got HER riches, that that';s the way others did, too. It's an old, discredited idea that they still believe, to this day. So she's set to screw the heirs of those people out of 65% of their rightful inheritance, after doing NOTHING to EARN it. This is yet one more reason NOT to vote her into the presidency. Her very THINKING is archaic, and she wants what is NOT hers. The “rich” are the only ones who do “create jobs.” And when they make money, so do you. It's what Democrats derisively call “trickle-down economics,” but which human beings call “the free market.” They say the free market doesn't work, but what doesn't work is the SOCIALISM they promote, and that has been proven, time and time again. (Eagle Rising)

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