Friday, September 23, 2016

Lotsa New Gun Owners!

Anti-gun fools worry about more people getting more guns, thinking the more guns in the house will up the chances of some untrained fool shooting himself or somebody else. Especially kids, who somehow know where each gun in the house is located. And that scares them to death. They don't think we have the responsibility to be able to have guns—all of us—except them, of course. They think ALL of us are really stupid when it comes to handing guns. They keep telling us guns in the house will probably be more likely to be accidentally used to hurt ourselves, rather than an intruder. And, as usual, they're wrong. Anybody with a lick of sense knows you have to LEARN the proper handling of a gun, in addition to how to hit what you're aiming at. The NRA takes care of that, if you just ask.

They hate the NRA because they also champion our right to own and use guns in self defense, in ADDITION to teaching us how to handle our guns. Something illegal gun owners usually don't learn—which makes them the ones who are usually GUILTY of accidentally hurting others with their guns. There are fewer people getting multiple guns than there are NEW gun owners, who see the need for self defense in the stupid things Obama is doing—like importing thousands and thousands of Islamic terrorists,, PRETENDING they're “Syrian refugees,” which most of them are NOT. Then there's his practice of releasing dangerous killers to plague us. Islamic terrorists formerly imprisoned, plus many DOMESTIC killers in OUR prisons. All in all, Obama is doing everything he can to make it less safe for us, which includes trying his best to take our right to own and use guns away from us, in spite of the constitutional prohibition on doing that. If we don't “arm up,” we're going to be in big trouble when all this comes home to roost. (Washington Examiner)

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