Thursday, September 8, 2016

"Trump Has No Chance!"

That's the refrain among ALL Democrats, and even some Republicans. Never mind he draws the biggest crowds, his crowds making Hillary's look like afternoon birthday parties for children. They make a big thing about Hillary raising a lot more money than he does, completely forgetting he doesn't NEED to raise a lot of money and is thus not motivated in that direction, and spends little or no time trying. He HAS more money than many countries. And don't forget the primaries. When the PEOPLE voted, he won, big. When the Republican elites voted, not so much. But the general election now, the PEOPLE vote. Some people “bad-mouth” him because they're AFRAID of him. They know he can't be controlled by the “king-makers.” He doesn't need the money they can withhold if he doesn't “toe the line.” He has PROMISED to “upset many applecarts,and it is the owners of those applecarts who predict he will lose, big against that master CRIMINAL, Hillary Clinton. Meanwhile the source of much of her “fund raising success” is the foreign potentates and dictators who give money to her, uh, “foundation.” The pollsters routinely slant the polls to favor her by the very questions they ask, and the places where they TAKE their polls. A poll taken in the lobby of the Democrat Party headquarters about Trump means nothing. All that “Trump has no chance” drivel is just them hoping against hope they're right. They're going to be mortified when he wins. (Chicago Tribune)

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