Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Christianity Not A Religion?

That's one of the most ignorant thoughts there is. Christianity is the DEFINITION of religion. It involved a sincere belief in God, and the fact that he “sent his son” to save us all from our sins. Whether you believe that, or not, that is what MAKES a religion. I'd bet the “rumor” that Christianity isn't a religion started in Islam. They think NO religion is a religion, but theirs. And they'll KILL you if you disagree, and refuse to convert to THEIR “religion. Now THAT is the definition of a NON-religion. A CULT. Any “religion” that tells it's followers to KILL “unbelievers” is not a religion, but is a POLITICAL system, MASQUERADING as a religion for the benefit that gives them. Islam has fooled a lot of people, all over the world. They are said to be the “fastest-growing religion in the world,” which is not unexpected, when you consider it's “convert or die.” There are many “Muslims in name only” who “converted” in order to stay alive, but who don't really believe in the lies they tell. (iPatriot)

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