Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Playing the Race Card

Seems like liberals can't do anything without playing the race card. ”U.S. Sen. Chris Murphy took a deep dive into the interwoven worlds of the gun-rights movement and gunmakers, saying anti-government “neo-anarchist’’ Republicans are aligned with a firearms industry desperate to sell more guns to a shrinking customer base.” “Shrinking customer base? Come on, Senator, wake up to reality! The customer base is INCREASING steadily, mostly because of the actions of fools like you to take away our rights! But I digress, mostly because of his stupidity. This item is more about his effort to attribute our wish to retain our birth right to hatred of blacks, which is a load of bull dung. “In a speech before the National Press Club, Murphy said, ' hostility to government has become a right-wing standard, especially since the election of the nation’s first black president Barack Obama, in 2008'.“ In that, he's exactly right. And it was so since way before that, for good cause. Except it's not because he's black. It's because he's a damned fool who wants to be a dictator, and thinks he already is. And he refuses to recognize that we ARE at war with Islamic terrorists, and won't even use the WORDS to describe the enemy. He has spent more money than there IS, more than ALL presidents before him, COMBINED. It's because he is the WORST president in memory (With the possible exception of Jimmy Carter). If America was really so hateful of blacks, how did he, and other black people get elected, or appointed to high office? Murphy is as much of a damned fool as is Obama. And he's white. (CT Post)

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