Wednesday, September 28, 2016

"Fight Against Terrorism"

Hillary says, “Gun control is part of the fight against terrorism.” How her fevered mind figures that, is hard to say. I guess she just figures all Americans are terrorists, and to allow them to legally have guns is to facilitate terrorism. What a wacko this broad is! She should never get NEAR the Oval Office, not even as a visitor. With opinions like that, she might get us all shot. Never mind that her most recent mentor, Barack Hussein Obama, is importing Islamic terrorists by the hundreds of thousands, and they will be soon roaming our streets, looking for reasons to kill us if we don't believe the way they approve. And they WILL have guns. Count on it. It's difficult to get a gun legally in this country, but very easy to get one ILLEGALLY. And they've got the money to buy them, believe it. This is just one more reason NOT to vote for Hillary. It's a typical liberal idea that, in order to defend ourselves, we have to DISARM ourselves. “Cracked” thinking. (Breitbart)

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