Thursday, September 8, 2016

Promoting Segregation

Blacks used to hate it when there were separate facilities for blacks. Now they WANT it. But what they want is to keep WHITES from co-mingling with them. Funny: that sounds just like racism, to me. Ever since Obama got elected, we've seen the rise of black against white racism, and they're making it “the law of the land,” just as it used to be the law of the land for white against black racism. Obama insists white against black racism is rife in this country, but the facts deny it. Yes, there will always be a few malcontents who hate people because of the color of their skin. But a racist country doesn't have a black president, a black Supreme Court Justice, a black Attorney General (the second one), and numerous black mayors and governors running things all over the country. In Chicago and many other places, the “top cop” is black. There are numerous black senators and representatives. How is that possible it this country is as racist as he claims it is? At Cal State Los Angeles, they're creating new segregated housing for students. But at the DEMAND of blacks, not whites. It's beginning, folks. It's the NEW segregation. Soon, whites will have to go to the back of the bus and drink from their own drinking fountains, never touched by black lips. (CBS Sacramento)

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