Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Just Like Hillary

This famous singer thinks laws don't apply to him, as does Hillary Clinton. Her lawbreaking is a little different than his, though. She “has people” to do for her the things this guy does for himself. The only laws she personally breaks are those regarding her political life. Such as having a private r-mail server as Secretary of State when doing so is, if not completely illegal, it is unethical. Then there's her actions in allowing Islamic terrorists to murder her diplomats in Benghazi when some of them could have been saved if she'd just gotten off her considerable rear and sent some people to do so. This guy likes to do things himself. Which is why he has been charged, many times, with violence against the women in his life, always getting off with “slaps on the wrist.” But he IS a felon, which begs the question of how he was able to have the gun he threatened one of his girls with when she admired some jewelry he though she shouldn't. There are LAWS against felons having guns, especially in California, where he lives. Looks like those laws aren't obeyed very well by guys with a lot of money. Which makes them pretty useless. Even if he is not guilty of the crime of which she accused him, how did he get the gun with which he allegedly threatened her, being a felon? (NBC News)

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