Friday, September 9, 2016

Leaving America

Comedienne Amy Schumer is the latest in a long line of liberal celebrities to say they're going to “leave America” if Trump is elected. So now we have one more reason to elect Trump. To get rid of some undesirables. IF all those who promise to leave America if he is elected actually DO it, this country would be a lot better off. I don't know what makes them think we'd want to stop them from leaving. Maybe they have an inflated opinion of their self-worth, I don't know. But they all, without exception, know NOTHING about who Trump is, what he stands for, or what a Trump presidency would mean. All they have is what they've heard other liberals say, and most of that is a LIE. Schumer says “Hillary is misunderstood.” That “Nobody who doesn't like her has anything meaningful to say.” But that's as much of a lie as anything else she says. I don't like Hillary, and I, like FBI Director Comey, can recite a litany of her felonies, though I don't give a damn if she “meant it,” or not. I'd just file charges and force her to “face the music.” Be warned. they are liberals who publish this “NME” site, and they let some really crappy language slip through. (NME)

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