Saturday, September 3, 2016

Letter to Kaepernick

Linked below is the full text of a letter written to Colin Kaepernick and posted on Facebook about his refusal to stand for the National Anthem because black males are “so abused” in this country, and he will not do so until that stops. He thinks people CARE if he stands. They don't. They're outraged by the lack of respect he shows, but that's all. It does, in no way, change people's minds about a situation he completely misunderstands. Cops DO kill black males. That's right. But usually while the black makes are trying to kill THEM\, or somebody who is unarmed and defenseless. You see, most black makes who get killed are killed by other black males while they're committing crimes. That's a fact you can't truthfully deny, though you will probably try. This cop was almost killed in the altercation where he killed that black male. And ALL cops know that, due to the LIES put out by the president and “Black Lives Matter,” they go around in their well-marked cars, wearing their distinctive uniforms with that shiny target on their chest. So if they kill a few more black males, who can blame them? Those black males are probably shooting at them at the time. And it's their JOB to shoot back. His letter told Colin to enjoy his football games, while being PROTECTED by those very police officers. (iPatriot)

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