Friday, September 30, 2016

"B-B-But....It Doesn't Matter!"

In Minnesota, a fool ran around in a shopping center stabbing people—until a legally-armed guy who happened to be there shot him to death. After that, he didn't stab any more people. And the anti-gun fools say that doesn't prove our point that legally armed people already there can STOP criminals from wantonly killing people. So what crystal ball vision do they use to come to that conclusion? It certainly DOES prove our point, which has been proven, over and over, in many places! They say it means nothing because he is a trained shooter. What the hell do they think we, and the NRA have been preaching and teaching forever? Somebody who gets a gun and doesn't learn how to use it is a danger to him/herself, and all those around him/her. They're right in that. And they're all around us. They call them “gang members and criminals) But the more law abiding trained shooters there are who are among us (that the “bad guys” don't know are there) the more often this is going to happen. What do they do when a bad guy starts killing people randomly? They call the trained guys with guns, who are often several minutes, maybe longer, away. Such a fool can hurt or kill many people in those few minutes. But an armed, TRAINED PERSON already there can “git 'er done” in an instant, saving many lives that would be lost while waiting for the cops to arrive. They say such situations are “rare.” But whose fault is THAT? (Breitbart)

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