Thursday, September 1, 2016

It's An Invasion!

Slow motion, to be sure, but the Islamic terrorists are sending hundreds of thousands of their killers into the United States through the porous border maintained that way by Obama's directives to the Border Control people NOT to do their jobs. Plus, all those he's “importing,” pretending to be “refugees.” They're probably coming in from Canada, too, as that border is even more non-existent than the one between us and Mexico. Meanwhile, Obama still runs guns to the Mexican drug cartels, but with more secrecy, and less subterfuge than during “Fast & furious.” Soon there will be enough of them here, and they will, by then, have brought in enough ILLEGAL guns to use in killing us for not converting to their stupid “religion” and so they can “take over” and create a caliphate in America. I say, “stupid religion” because those who truly believe in it aren't too bright. Which is why Muslim “leaders” keep their adherents as close to illiterate as possible, so they won't see the contradictions in their teachings. Like the difference between “virgins” and raisins. (Washington Free Beacon)

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