Monday, September 26, 2016

Coming for Your Guns

The Democrats have been trying to disarm the American people since before I can remember. And they're closer to being successful than ever before. They had their chief opposition in then Supreme Court murdered so they'd have a “free hand” in appointing another Justice who would rule in their favor and get rid of the Second Amendment. The Supreme Court is the only body that can do that, and the Republicans know that, which why they refuse to allow an up or down vote on Obama's pick while he is still in office. But if Hillary wins, we're LOST. One of her first acts will be to appoint a flaming liberal judge to the Court, and he/she will find some excuse to nullify the Second Amendment. And the Republicans won't be able to stop her. Then her thugs will “come for your guns” and you will be disarmed when they come back for your other property, and your freedom. The first things despots do is disarm the populace so it will be easy to subjugate them. And if you don't think that is her plan, you need your head examined by an honest doctor. (AmmoLand)

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