Saturday, September 10, 2016

Wish It Were Federal

In Ohio, they have put forward a vote on an amendment to their Constitution that declares abortion to be MURDER, in all cases, to be punished as such. It is the second such attempt, in two different states. Would that it were a FEDERAL thing, so it would be understood that, in America, murdering defenseless infants IS murder of the vilest kind. And it's instructive that it was started by a Republican. Apparently, Democrats don't care about infanticide. Apparently, only human beings care. Apparently, we're going to be faced with a mish-mash of laws, country wide, some states recognizing this atrocity as murder, and others not. If Trump wins the election, there may even be a chance at a federal law prohibiting the murder of unborn infants, country wide. All I know is, we can never hope for the Democrats to introduce, OR pass such a law. (Minuteman News)

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